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Construction Litigation Representation In Central Pennsylvania

Not every construction dispute can be resolved amicably. Issues involving alleged construction defects, scheduling, the meaning of contracts, specifications or drawings, or involving payment sometimes require legal intervention. When that is necessary, how effectively your interests are protected is directly affected by the quality of legal service you secure.

The Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, firm of Beckley & Madden, LLC, has a team of experienced construction litigation attorneys who have been voted by their peers as “preeminent” in construction law, the very highest rating which a firm can receive from its fellow attorneys. We work closely with our construction litigation clients to achieve the best available outcomes for their cases. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you.

For Example, We Have Assisted Our Clients In The Past In The Following Ways:

  • Our lawyers represent clients in contract disputes, devising strategies to resolve issues in construction mediation, construction arbitration or construction litigation, before mediators, arbitrators, courts and administrative bodies such as the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Board of Claims.
  • We help with collection when our clients do not get paid for completed work. We pursue full payment for our clients under the Pennsylvania Prompt Pay Act and the Commonwealth Procurement Code.
  • We seek bond claims payments from sureties under private payment bonds and under public statutes requiring bonds, such as the Miller Act, the Commonwealth Procurement Code and the Public Works Contractors’ Bond Law of 1967.
  • We represent clients in matters involving alleged construction defects such as leaking windows or roofs, or structural problems like foundations, faulty masonry or other issues.
  • We regularly act as counsel to out-of-state companies engaged in construction litigation in Pennsylvania.

Contact Beckley & Madden, LLC, to schedule a consultation: 717-233-7691.